Jocelyn Jade Throat Poked By Two Cocks

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Jocelyn Jade came into this scene with the wrong attitude. When you start off cocky with these guys they just want to beat it out of you. That’s why she got her face slapped and no holding back when they fucked her throat. When she wouldn’t swallow cock as well as they liked a hand on the back of her head forced her all the way down till she had cock past her tonsils. Big Red and Bootleg took turns then fucking her throat before taking turns on her pussy. They stretched her even further when they took turns fucking her ass and when she squealed they gave her a ass spanking she won’t forget. They held her down then to come over her face, this cock swallow scene can be found at Facial Abuse.

Kim Seoul Throat Fucking Training

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Kim Seoul may be a well known porn actress but she had never done anything like this before. She tried her best but wasn’t up to scratch so the guys decided to help her. On her knees and naked they tried to fuck her face but she wouldn’t let the cock past her tonsils so they got out a large double dildo.

With her head held back they forced the dildo down her neck and then fucked her throat with it until she had tears running down her face. Thoroughly face fucked they tried her again and this time she was forced to swallow cock all the way. Once she was balls deep he held her head there until she was gagging on cock.

Once they were fed up they started to fuck her ass. The only lube she was allowed was her own spit as they pounded her ass hard for a good 15 minutes. She was screaming but took it well considering the size of the cocks rammed in her ass. She was made to sit still and suck her thumb as they spewed cum on her face. You can see Kim Seoul cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

Sonja Redd Cock Gagging And Ass Fucked

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Sonja Redd picked the wrong day for her debut as the guy she was working with had really had a bad day. She was told to strip which she was happy to then started sucking cock. When she wouldn’t take it deep enough he forced cock down her neck, not gradually as he usually does but straight down and hard till she was gagging on his cock.

Her face changed after that, she even looked frightened at one point but she carried on, must have needed the cash. She didn’t help things much anyway when she bit his cock playing around but he wasn’t in the mood. After that he laid her on her back and fucked her throat a lot rougher than usual.

When the others realised they turned her over and all took turns fucking her ass thinking even that would be less painful for her. She was really glad when they were ready to come and even sat there nicely as they took turns coming on her face but in one last bit of nastiness he broke some eggs on her head. You can see Sonja facefucked at Facial Abuse.

Record Breaking Delilah Face Fucked

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Delilah is the tamest and most subservient person they’ve ever had on Facial Abuse. She took everything they had and carried on smiling, doing everything exactly as asked. She stripped when asked and knelt down, they had an hand on her head to push her onto the cock as she was face fucked but it wasn’t needed, if anything she was pushing herself forward as the cock passed her tonsils.

Next they had her impale herself on cock, forcing cock down her neck until it was balls deep. Again all this was done without an hand on her head so they had her on the couch, head hanging off knowing this is the best way to make them gag on cock but even that didn’t work.

They fucked her throat and held it there then had her suck balls. They bent her over to be fucked from behind which she took and then went on top to ride him as he spanked her ass red. They slapped her face and left cum on her face but they had to shake her hand afterwards. She had a bowl under her the whole time but surprised them by being the first to not puke. You can see Delilah become one of the best throat gaggers at Facial Abuse.

Elizabeth Made To Throat Fuck A Dildo

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When Elizabeth went into the Facial Abuse studio she was too happy, smiling and joking so they got to work on her straight away. They stripped her off and she still wouldn’t shut up so instead of a slow start Bootleg shoved his cock down her neck as far as he could. She stopped him by forcing the cock into her cheeks instead so they held her down and forced a dildo down her neck till she knew what to do. They fucked her throat hard before moving on to fuck her pussy. Even after that though she started to giggle so they made her sit still while they gave her a faceful of come. See more face fucking here at Facial Abuse.

Anna Bell Gets Her Throat Fucked

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Anna Bell may not be up to the guys usual standards in terms of looks but god she can swallow cock. To open her throat they shoved fingers down her throat then laid her on her back to really drill her throat. She had their balls on her chin and didn’t complain when they started fucking her face fast. They turned her around then and fucked her throat from the top banging their balls on her nose. When they got fed up with her face they fucked her pussy before moving on to fuck her ass. They dripped come on her face then till it was running down her hair. Another great Facial Abuse scene,