Cock Gagging By Gloria Gags

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Gloria Gags has the most apt name because in this video that’s just about all she does. Pauly Harker and Bootleg decided to double team her so they put her on her knees, grabbed her head and rammed cock down her neck. They’d let her up for breath occasionally as they went from one person to the other but never for long.

She was on her back soon after while one fucked her face the other used a massive dildo to fuck her ass with. She was already moaning in pain when he used his shoe to hammer the dildo all the way in. She’s face down on his cock next scene while the other fucks her ass from behind and it isn’t long before she has a fountain of puke coming out.

She’s spitroasted next and the ass fucking is pushing her forward so she’s being skull fucked all the way. After that she’s being ass fucked while being fingered with a cock down her neck before they finally kneel her down to cover her face in cum. You can see Gloria face fucking at Facial Abuse.

Cassie Hills Throat Fucked Till She Pukes

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Cassie Hills walked into this scene explaining that she had lied to her boyfriend but he would never know because he didn’t watch porn. They explained that even if he didn’t some of his friends may see her but she went on anyway. When she stripped off they could see she wasn’t shy, not just that she spread her legs so easily but the tattoo of a pitbull and paws on her back.

They soon had her sucking cock and a hand to the back of her head held her still while she was throat fucked. When she refused to swallow cock well enough they held her jaw with their other hand and she was throat fucked deeper until she was puking everywhere. She was also made to impale her own throat as a leg on the back of her head forced her down to swallow his cock.

She was led down to be pussy fucked then before having her pussy fisted. They fucked her pussy some more before sitting her down to take a load of cum to her face. You can see Cassie face fucked at Facial Abuse.

Cheating Ellis Choking On Cock

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Ellis came into this scene saying she had never cheated on her boyfriend and that this wouldn’t count as she was just doing it for the money. We tried explaining it was still cheating but she wouldn’t have it so we decided to show her in graphic detail by getting her choking on cock till she had learned her lesson.

She was happy to suck cock and we held her eyes open as we started fucking her throat deeper and deeper so we could see her eyes water. We got her to suck balls as well before the face fucking starting to get harder and was was choking on cock and puking everything in her stomach into a dogs bowl which we tipped back over her.

We decided to give her a break then fucking her pussy till she squealed then making her ride us one at a time. She rode cock till we were ready then we sat her down to take a load of cum on her face. You can see Ellis choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

Mother And Daughter Throat Fucking

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The Sexxtons asked to do a scene together and they were both pretty enough even though the mother was an ancient 54. They figured the daughter being 19 equaled it out and gagging on cock really has no age limit. They both stripped off and both had good bodies and each took a cock in the mouth.

The mother seemed to take choking on cock a lot better and easier but the daughter was forced to swallow deep and caught up quickly. Her mother even gave her some advice, that and a hand on her head made it easier. The guys soon made this into a race to see who could make their bitch puke first and the mother lost.

They took turns fucking pussy then moving from one to the other using different positions. The was a real family moment but not as good as the last one. They left the daughter with her face covered in cum then made the mother lick it off her. You can see the Sexxtons face fucked at Facial Abuse.

18 Year Old Tiffaney Learns Face Fucking

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When Tiffaney came to Facial Abuse saying she was fed up of being scared to try new things with her boyfriend and wanted help we were only too happy to oblige. She agreed we could try anything and then stripped off for us showing a perfect figure with a nice tits and ass.

She started to suck cock and soon realised that wasn’t enough. One of the things she mentioned being scared of was extreme deepthroat so we taught her that the fast way, by grabbing her head and fucking her throat hard. She took that quite well really, better than a lot of girls on here so we moved onto her second problem.

She said she had tried anal but it hurt too much so we had a go at that. Instead of going gently and slowly we rammed cock in her ass and managed a few good thrusts before she had time to scream. By then it was too late and she sat through it. As a special surprise for her we gave her some good double penetration as well.

She was made to sit still then as we covered her face in cum, not something she requested but hey, we gotta have some fun too. You can see Tiffaney getting her face fucked aat Facial Abuse.

Lexi Marie Cock Choking For Fame

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Lexi Marie wants to be a porn star and figured a scene like this would get her noticed. It probably will but maybe not for the right reasons. She is force fed sphagetti after being stripped then made to suck cock until she has balls on her chin. After that he fucks her face but she starts gagging.

To make sure he can get deeper he lays her on the couch and grabs her head. He jerks it back and fore as fast as he can so she has no control over how deep his cock is down her neck. She then goes on top and is made to impale herself till she is puking down his cock.

She climbs on top of him then with his cock in her ass being made to take the full length as she screams. Bent over on all fours she is made to take an ass spanking before being made to sit on the floor with her eyes and mouth open as he cums over her face. You can see Lexi take a throat fuck at Facial Abuse.

Sonja Redd Cock Gagging And Ass Fucked

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Sonja Redd picked the wrong day for her debut as the guy she was working with had really had a bad day. She was told to strip which she was happy to then started sucking cock. When she wouldn’t take it deep enough he forced cock down her neck, not gradually as he usually does but straight down and hard till she was gagging on his cock.

Her face changed after that, she even looked frightened at one point but she carried on, must have needed the cash. She didn’t help things much anyway when she bit his cock playing around but he wasn’t in the mood. After that he laid her on her back and fucked her throat a lot rougher than usual.

When the others realised they turned her over and all took turns fucking her ass thinking even that would be less painful for her. She was really glad when they were ready to come and even sat there nicely as they took turns coming on her face but in one last bit of nastiness he broke some eggs on her head. You can see Sonja facefucked at Facial Abuse.

Karena O Reilly Gagging On Cock

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Karena went in to this scene way to pumped up and smiling all the way. She was happy to spread her legs and spread her ass cheeks before sticking cock in her mouth. She sucked it gently before they started fucking her face a little harder. She managed to choke on cock without any help so they went rougher on her.

The throat fucking continued until she was throwing her lunch up and splashing it on the floor. They turned her onto her back and fucked her face until she was ready to puke again and made her do it in a dog bowl. She had her head impaled on cock with a leg on her head forcing her down till it was balls deep and keeping her there.

She was turned over to be pussy puked and made to ride cock. She didn’t even protest when they quickly switched to fucking her ass without warning and was happy to ride him that way as well. She was still smiling when they sat her down to cover her in cum so they took the dogs bowl and emptied that on her. Amazingly she used it like a shower still smiling. See this dirty Latina whore at Latina Abuse.

Face Fucked Desiree Choking On Cock

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Desiree was still in college when she applied for this scene saying she needed the money to pay her fees. She was warned in advance how hard it would be but she said she could handle anything if it meant she could stay in school and finish her studies. She was so stunning the guys agreed straight away.

She was stripped off and gave a decent blowjob but her attitude changed and they started forcing their cocks down her neck. She threatened to walk and they said fine, they’d had some fun and she wouldn’t get paid so she reluctantly agreed to carry on. They went harder then, getting her gagging on cock before thrusting hard until she was puking everywhere.

They felt a bit sorry for her then so the three of them took turns fucking her pussy. She looked a lot happier being banged there and giving her throat a rest. They fucked her in a load of positions then explained to her she had to sit still as they left her face covered in cum and spit. She wasn’t happy but sat there for it. Watch this lovely college girl become one of the throat gaggers at Facial Abuse.

Record Breaking Delilah Face Fucked

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Delilah is the tamest and most subservient person they’ve ever had on Facial Abuse. She took everything they had and carried on smiling, doing everything exactly as asked. She stripped when asked and knelt down, they had an hand on her head to push her onto the cock as she was face fucked but it wasn’t needed, if anything she was pushing herself forward as the cock passed her tonsils.

Next they had her impale herself on cock, forcing cock down her neck until it was balls deep. Again all this was done without an hand on her head so they had her on the couch, head hanging off knowing this is the best way to make them gag on cock but even that didn’t work.

They fucked her throat and held it there then had her suck balls. They bent her over to be fucked from behind which she took and then went on top to ride him as he spanked her ass red. They slapped her face and left cum on her face but they had to shake her hand afterwards. She had a bowl under her the whole time but surprised them by being the first to not puke. You can see Delilah become one of the best throat gaggers at Facial Abuse.