Cameron Tricked By Boyfriend To Gag On Cock

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When Camerons boyfriend found out she cheated on him he wanted revenge. He told her the only way he’d stay with her is if she did a scene at Facial Abuse for him to watch and she agreed. While waiting he called up and told the guys she had to get fucked in the ass and double penetrated as well as the choking on cock. He also requested she get slapped in the face a lot and she went along with it. Before long she was swallowing cock balls deep and the best thing was she could stay there without puking. They gave her the double penetration which she squealed through before a bit more cock choking then they came on her face. When she went back to her boyfriend he left her anyway and took the tape with him, sweet revenge, watch it her at Facial Abuse.

Amor Vond Gets Face Fucked

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At the start of this scene Amor Vond thinks that she is going to be the one in charge tonight but that all soon changes as she is in for the face fucking of her life.The first thing she sees coming at her is a rock hard cock and she soon realises that there is going to be some serious face fucking going on tonight. Forced onto her knees she takes all of his giant cock until she’s choking on it.

Not being satisfied with just making her chocking on cock, Amor Vond gets slapped around for a bit of fun and bent onto all fours to take a real hard ass fucking. After pounding her ass hard they flip her onto her front to fuck her pussy and gag on cock a bit more. The men are having the time of their lives which is more than can be said for Amor Vond. They start throat fucking her till she can’t stand much more.

Seeing this, the men realise that they too have had enough and sit her up ready to take a face full of cum.Stood either side of her they only need to wank for about ten seconds each befor unloading all over her face and tits. This is one face fucking that she won’t forget in a hurry. You can watch more of this at Facial Abuse.

Kim Seoul Throat Fucking Training

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Kim Seoul may be a well known porn actress but she had never done anything like this before. She tried her best but wasn’t up to scratch so the guys decided to help her. On her knees and naked they tried to fuck her face but she wouldn’t let the cock past her tonsils so they got out a large double dildo.

With her head held back they forced the dildo down her neck and then fucked her throat with it until she had tears running down her face. Thoroughly face fucked they tried her again and this time she was forced to swallow cock all the way. Once she was balls deep he held her head there until she was gagging on cock.

Once they were fed up they started to fuck her ass. The only lube she was allowed was her own spit as they pounded her ass hard for a good 15 minutes. She was screaming but took it well considering the size of the cocks rammed in her ass. She was made to sit still and suck her thumb as they spewed cum on her face. You can see Kim Seoul cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

Kandi Sweets Gagging On Cock

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Kandi Sweets is a large girl so it was an apt name but they were more than happy to have her on the show because of her massive tits, an E cup. They soon had her tits out and had her on her knees swallowing cock. She had her hands on his legs pushing him away but that soon changed, with her hands behind her back he was able to throat fuck her properly.

He forced her head forward slowly until he eventually got balls on her chin then flipped her upside down and lowered her onto his cock making her swallow it all. Once there he had her on the couch, head hanging over with a dogs bowl to catch her puke as he pounded her tonsils. She went on top then taking more and more until she puked all down his legs.

He turned her over and fucked her from behind while slapping her tits suggesting she needed more nipples the fat cow. He fucked her while she was lying on her back and got a titty fuck from her using her puke as lube. She pulled an awful face as he shot cum in her face then threw flour on her. You can see Kandi choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

Lizzy London In Tearful Cock Gagging

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Lizzy London is a stunning blonde with nice tits but this wasn’t the scene for her. She admitted at the start that she was only willing to do this for the money but she was crying that much through the scene it’s a safe bet she won’t be back. She was stripped and her head held as she was forced to swallow cock balls deep.

She was on top with a hand on her head forcing her down till she had cock past her tonsils then she would pull back crying to be forced back down again. The worst was yet to come though as he grabbed her hair, forced his cock all the way in and held her there. He had to let her go in the end for her to puke in a bowl.

She was fucked from behind with her head just over the bowl then made to ride his cock through his screams. She was also fucked from behind as she leant over the couch so he could get deeper then made to sit still as she took a face full of cum. You can see what is probably the last of Lizzy London being face fucked at Facial Abuse.

Holly Brooks The Cock Choking MILF

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At 29 years old Holly Brooks is practically past it as far as a porn stars career goes but she had one thing she needed to prove to herself, that she could keep up with the younger girls when it comes to swallowing cock. On her knees it was only seconds before the throat fucking made her puke all over her tits.

Lying on her back she had no control as he forced his cock down her neck until his balls were on her chin. He led on his back next with both hands behind her head forcing her down until he was balls deep. She puked everywhere but kept going like a true professional before he was satisfied.

She was on her back being fucked before he had her ride his cock bouncing as hard as she could so he could see her massive tits bouncing. He fucked her ass with his full 9 inches which had her screaming so loud he went back to fucking her pussy before having her kneel to take a load of cum on her face. You can see porn star Holly Brooks take a throat fuck at Facial Abuse.

Bailey Rae Face Fucked For Attitude


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Bailey Rae wanted to do this scene and get paid but didn’t actually want to do any of the stuff that would get her paid. She started off so well too, knelt down and took the cock forced down her neck with no problems. She was even fine with him fucking her face but as soon as he spat on her face she started complaining.

She was on her back on the couch being skull fucked when a foot was placed on her head to keep her still, something else she took exception to so they put her on top, had her impale herself on his cock and started fucking her face. He carried on fucking her face as she puked and never slowed up once.

She complained so much they tried a double dildo down her throat. Her neck is so thin you could see it going down her neck. He had her face down on the couch then to fuck her pussy. This was one of the few things she did without complaint and took his cock in a variety of positions before kneeling down to be covered in cum. You can see Bailey choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

Throat Gaggers Debut For Inidigo

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When Indigo turned up for her debut to become of the the gang of throat gaggers the guys were pleasantly surprised. She was a stunning woman anyway but some of her tattoos got more attention than her perfect tits. This didn’t take their attention for too long though as the guys get turned on by something entirely different.

She is stripped off and gets her chin grabbed as she is turned first one way then the other so they can both fuck her face. She took it well though and never backed off once so they lay her on the couch and fucked her face from that angle which let them get balls deep as she swallowed cock.

Realising she wasn’t going to give up they moved on to her pussy making her ride them which gave her more trouble than swallowing cock. She couldn’t handle the length and was screaming so they spanked her ass and made her take it all. After a few positions she actually begged them to cum on her face which they duly obliged. You can see Indigo become one of the throat gaggers at Facial Abuse.

Jolee Struggling To Swallow Cock

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Jolee was actually ordered to do this scene by her boyfriend who needed the cash. She turned up to the studio to be abused by the guys who soon had her stripped and on her knees. A few face slaps had her in tears but that was just the warmup. Pauly Harker held her head and shoved his cock down her neck until she stopped him.

It took a while but she eventually learned how to take the cock balls deep in her mouth. She was choked and made to go on top to impale her face on cock. She wouldn’t go all the way down at first and they had to make her move her hands so her head could be forced all the way down until she was blowing snot bubbles. Soon after that she was puking then crying.

She rode him then as he slapped her ass until it was red then bent her over to fuck her from behind. He fish hooked her so she couldn’t move then fucked her as deep as he could go. When he was ready she was put on her knees with her face upwards to be coated in cum. You can watch Jolee choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

Ariel Adore Throat Fucking Whore

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Ariel Adore is a stunning woman that is way too much into gothic submission. This scene suited her down to the ground and being forced to do something nw didn’t bother her in the slightest. She knew it was going to be hard from the start as her head and chin were grabbed as the throat fucking started hard.

She was choking on cock until she had puke running down her chin then was led on her back to be face fucked balls deep. She puked so much that she had to keep her eyes closed as it ran down her face. She was then made to impale her face on cock where she was face fucked some more until the puke was running down his balls.

They take turns fucking her pussy then while fingering her throat before getting her to sit still as they cover her face in cum. She is left dripping and sticky and made to sit there while it dried. You can see Ariel become a throat fucking whore at Facial Abuse.