A Throat Fucking For Hazel Allure

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Hazel Allure is a 22 year old that went into Facial Abuse saying she could do anything but that proved to be a lie. She was naked and on her knees as he pushed his cock down her throat until he was balls deep. She was made to keep her hands behind her back before being made to sit back and play with her pussy so she couldn’t stop him fucking her face.

She soon pissed them off with all her nagging and complaining so they had her go on top. With two hands behind her head she was forced down onto his cock and held there. She was let up to puke and breathe then pushed back down, cock gagging seemed the easiest way to shut her up.

The only time she shut up was when she was bent over to be ass fucked. She seemed to enjoy that enough and played with her pussy before they got out their fucking machine the Drilldo which pounded her pussy hard. They also used it in her ass before she was knelt down to have cum splashed on her face. You can see Hazel throat fucked at Facial Abuse.

Cock Gagging Mia Rider Double Penetrated

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Mia Rider is a well known porn star but wanted to see how much she could take. The guys are always more than happy to oblige and pushed her hard. They stripped her off and had her put her hands behind her back before fucking her face. They got balls deep straight away but wanted to test her so shoved a double dildo down her neck.

After she puked in the dogs bowl they rammed her face in it then put her upside down on the couch to make her suck balls. After that they had her cock swallow some more then led her down with the double dildo in her ass and fucked her pussy. When the dildo fell out they decided to do this the old fashioned way.

She climbed on top or Big Red while Bootleg fucked her ass in her first ever double penetration on or off screen. She screamed a lot but carried on so they bent her over to fuck her ass deeper from behind as her massive tits swayed. She was knelt down and had them cum on her face before throwing flour on her. you can see this stunning asian chick throat fucked at Facial Abuse.

Newbie Shows How To Gag On Cock

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Ariel Stonem has never done a porno scene so the guys were expecting to break her easily. After the scene though they had a new respect for her suggesting some pro porn stars take a leaf out of her book. Wanting to start her off hard she was stripped for an over the knee spanking before kneeling down and holding her head to shove a cock down her throat.

Her first try and she never whimpered, just held her head there before coming up for breath. After that he led on the couch and had her go down on him, gagging on cock which was balls deep. She started choking on his cock and blowing snot bubbles but never once did she come all the way off him.

She was bent over the couch and ass fucked which had her screaming but not pulling away. After that she was made to sit on Bootlegs cock till it was all the way in then got the pleasure of being double penetrated for the first time. A foot on her head kept her still for more ass fucking then while lying on her back with her mouth open they squirted cum all over her face. You can see Ariel Stonem take a face fucking at Facial Abuse.

Crying Danica Dillon Cock Gagging

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Danica Dillon came into this shoot bragging that they hadn’t made her puke the first time around, how stupid was that? Knowing they now had a target they got her on her knees and rammed cock down her neck straight away, no build up. Once he was balls deep he fucked her face hard and fast until she was choking but not quite puking.

Because of that they put her on her back on the couch. With her in this position she had no movement as he fucked her face till his balls were squashed on her face. When that still didn’t work she went on top and with both hands pressing down she took his whole cock past her tonsils until she was blowing snot bubbles. The puke followed soon after and they weren’t sure whether it was the fact they got her to puke or the name calling that made her burst into tears.

On her back next he fucked her ass hard then put her on all fours to make her take his whole cock in her ass. She rode him next with him fucking her pussy before bending over with one leg in the air for maximum penetration. After fucking her some more while she was on her back she was made to kneel with her toongue out as he left his cum on her face. You can see Danica giving extreme deepthroat at Facial Abuse.

Gag On Cock Johane

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Johane Johansson is new to area but not new to pornos. She told the guys she loved rough sex but she never imagined what was to come. They make her put her hands behind her back and try to fuck her throat but within seconds she is pushing away. Even a hand on the back of her head isn’t working this time and they have to figure out some other way to get the cock past her tonsils. As it happened they tried just about everything including a foot on the back of her head trying to force her forward but in the end they gave up and changed positions.

Lying on his back she is placed on top her face is pushed down as he fucked her face hard enough to get her crying. She just wouldn’t go further than that so they decided on some other type of pain. She was made to climb on top and was fucked in the ass. Unhappy at not getting his cock down her neck he pounded her ass hard enough to have her in tears again then Big Red jopined Bootleg to double penetrate her. She was then flipped over to get double penetrated with the biggest cock in her ass pounding away.

Even when the tears came this time they wouldn’t let up, they had given in to her enough with the cock gagging to be too fed up to let her get away with more. When the guys were ready and way after she had begged for them to stop they put her on her back on the couch. They then took turns covering her face in cum. When she got up she laughed which really pissed the guys off since they knew she wouldn’t be laughing if she hadn’t been crying earlier. They said this was her last shoot with them and sent her on her way. You can see Johane Johansson double penetrated at Facial Abuse.

Face Fucking AND Verbal Abuse?

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Bianca Sage signed up for a cock choking scene but she also got some verbal abuse as well. Being called ugly wasn’t part of the deal but she went on anyway even though she didn’t seem happy. Naked and on her knees he fucked her face and told her to look at the camera, every time she looked anywhere else he slapped her face hard, obviously not happy doing this scene.

She was made to lick ass then she climbed on top to swall his cock from above. They still weren’t happy as she wasn’t going balls deep but two hands behind her head soon changed that. She was forced down until she was choking on cock before being put on her back so he could fuck her pussy.

Next she was put on all fours so they could make her take the whole 9 inches even though she screamed a bit. By the time she climbed on top to ride him she seemed to have adjusted and took it all quite well. She was made to stand on all fours so he could get even deeper before sitting for the face full of cum. You can see Bianca cock choking at Facial Abuse.

Crying Ashden Gagging On Cock

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Ashden has done porno before but all vanilla stuff. She had seen some of the scenes and when a friend dared her she considered it a personal challenge so she signed up for this scene. She was well known for her deepthroat capabilities so the guys had a quick chat then wasted no time. She was stripped and on her knees as the cock passed her tonsils in a matter of seconds. Instead of choking she held it there like a pro. Not one to shirk away the guys felt as if they weren’t rough enough so they skull fucked her then slapped her face when she didn’t puke.

She leans against the couch then with her head back as they slowly fuck her face full length so she has balls bouncing on her chin. They didn’t break her until a while later with the guy led on his back with an hand on her head pushing her all the way down then back again. She was choking on cock with tears running down her face but she managed to keep going. Even after puking she held her head there as the face fucking got harder and faster. After that she took her first ever anal, not on film but her first EVER anal.

He was gentle but she was soon in tears as he fucked her ass. She did come back though and a while later she was happy to bend over on her knees so he could fuck her ass from behind at full speed and using his whole cock. A little while later she was spun onto her knees and her hair grabbed to keep her still as he left all his cum on her face. She even managed to smile about it and give A thumbs up. You can see Ashden cock choking and taking her first anal at Facial Abuse.

Tia Ling Finally One Of The Throat Gaggers

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Tia Ling has done just about every type of porn including some of the most painful kinky bdsm ever. Talking to her after the scene we discovered that this was her hardest scene ever, in fact she said on a scale of 1 to 10 the bondage stuff was a 7 and this scene was a 10. They shoved cock down her neck so far you could see her neck muscles strain. They even used a finger to open her mouth further to make the cock gagging even harder. They fuck face until she’s choking then move on to fucking her other holes. By the time they cover her face in come she is so tired and as she said, very humiliated. Facial Abuse have found a gem in Tia for this great scene.

Anna Bell Gets Her Throat Fucked

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Anna Bell may not be up to the guys usual standards in terms of looks but god she can swallow cock. To open her throat they shoved fingers down her throat then laid her on her back to really drill her throat. She had their balls on her chin and didn’t complain when they started fucking her face fast. They turned her around then and fucked her throat from the top banging their balls on her nose. When they got fed up with her face they fucked her pussy before moving on to fuck her ass. They dripped come on her face then till it was running down her hair. Another great Facial Abuse scene,

Moxxie Maddron Gagging On Cock

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This was Moxxies second time at Facial Abuse and the guys were stuck on what extra things they could do to make it worse than last time. She had already proved she could gag on cock without puking so they just decided to do everything harder than before. They added a few extras suck as slapping her face and the face fucking she got was faster and harder. They held her eyes open as she was choking on cock, fucking her throat in different positions pushing it down her throat till she had balls on her chin. They both left come on her face then she scooped it into her mouth thinking that would be enough but they also made her lick her fingers clean. Find this great scene at Facial Abuse.