Face Fucking AND Verbal Abuse?

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Bianca Sage signed up for a cock choking scene but she also got some verbal abuse as well. Being called ugly wasn’t part of the deal but she went on anyway even though she didn’t seem happy. Naked and on her knees he fucked her face and told her to look at the camera, every time she looked anywhere else he slapped her face hard, obviously not happy doing this scene.

She was made to lick ass then she climbed on top to swall his cock from above. They still weren’t happy as she wasn’t going balls deep but two hands behind her head soon changed that. She was forced down until she was choking on cock before being put on her back so he could fuck her pussy.

Next she was put on all fours so they could make her take the whole 9 inches even though she screamed a bit. By the time she climbed on top to ride him she seemed to have adjusted and took it all quite well. She was made to stand on all fours so he could get even deeper before sitting for the face full of cum. You can see Bianca cock choking at Facial Abuse.

Crying Ashden Gagging On Cock

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Ashden has done porno before but all vanilla stuff. She had seen some of the scenes and when a friend dared her she considered it a personal challenge so she signed up for this scene. She was well known for her deepthroat capabilities so the guys had a quick chat then wasted no time. She was stripped and on her knees as the cock passed her tonsils in a matter of seconds. Instead of choking she held it there like a pro. Not one to shirk away the guys felt as if they weren’t rough enough so they skull fucked her then slapped her face when she didn’t puke.

She leans against the couch then with her head back as they slowly fuck her face full length so she has balls bouncing on her chin. They didn’t break her until a while later with the guy led on his back with an hand on her head pushing her all the way down then back again. She was choking on cock with tears running down her face but she managed to keep going. Even after puking she held her head there as the face fucking got harder and faster. After that she took her first ever anal, not on film but her first EVER anal.

He was gentle but she was soon in tears as he fucked her ass. She did come back though and a while later she was happy to bend over on her knees so he could fuck her ass from behind at full speed and using his whole cock. A little while later she was spun onto her knees and her hair grabbed to keep her still as he left all his cum on her face. She even managed to smile about it and give A thumbs up. You can see Ashden cock choking and taking her first anal at Facial Abuse.

Tia Ling Finally One Of The Throat Gaggers

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Tia Ling has done just about every type of porn including some of the most painful kinky bdsm ever. Talking to her after the scene we discovered that this was her hardest scene ever, in fact she said on a scale of 1 to 10 the bondage stuff was a 7 and this scene was a 10. They shoved cock down her neck so far you could see her neck muscles strain. They even used a finger to open her mouth further to make the cock gagging even harder. They fuck face until she’s choking then move on to fucking her other holes. By the time they cover her face in come she is so tired and as she said, very humiliated. Facial Abuse have found a gem in Tia for this great scene.

Anna Bell Gets Her Throat Fucked

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Anna Bell may not be up to the guys usual standards in terms of looks but god she can swallow cock. To open her throat they shoved fingers down her throat then laid her on her back to really drill her throat. She had their balls on her chin and didn’t complain when they started fucking her face fast. They turned her around then and fucked her throat from the top banging their balls on her nose. When they got fed up with her face they fucked her pussy before moving on to fuck her ass. They dripped come on her face then till it was running down her hair. Another great Facial Abuse scene,

Moxxie Maddron Gagging On Cock

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This was Moxxies second time at Facial Abuse and the guys were stuck on what extra things they could do to make it worse than last time. She had already proved she could gag on cock without puking so they just decided to do everything harder than before. They added a few extras suck as slapping her face and the face fucking she got was faster and harder. They held her eyes open as she was choking on cock, fucking her throat in different positions pushing it down her throat till she had balls on her chin. They both left come on her face then she scooped it into her mouth thinking that would be enough but they also made her lick her fingers clean. Find this great scene at Facial Abuse.

Ariel Adore Joins the Facial Abuse Women

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Ariel may not be a stunner but she has no hangups about being used in any way. She was made to swallow cock deep while her nipples were pinched if she backed away. When that still wasn’t enough they used a hand on the back of her head to force more cock down her throat and then they put her on her back for a good throat fucking. She was choking on cock and they left it balls deep down her neck as her face turned redder and redder. They took it in turns fucking her pussy then led down and forced her head down to gag on cock a bit more. She sat down and took a load of cum on her face, so much that it covered her eyes, nose and mouth and was made to sit there to let it dry. A great scene which you can see at Facial Abuse.

Summer Blu Throat Fucked And Double Penetrated

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Summer Blu is another girl who is into most things kinky and has had to take some painful sex in some scenes but almost failed with this one. She is a stunner which makes this throat fucking even sexier. She is stripped and made to suck balls before having her throat drilled by two large cocks and when she starts drooling they force more cock down her throat with a hand to the back of her head. After Big Red and Bootleg have her choking on cock they take turns with her pussy before some double penetration has her screaming. She lies down to swallow cock balls deep before the guys let fly leaving her face covered in come. Watch this whole scene at Facial Abuse.

Jocelyn Jade Throat Poked By Two Cocks

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Jocelyn Jade came into this scene with the wrong attitude. When you start off cocky with these guys they just want to beat it out of you. That’s why she got her face slapped and no holding back when they fucked her throat. When she wouldn’t swallow cock as well as they liked a hand on the back of her head forced her all the way down till she had cock past her tonsils. Big Red and Bootleg took turns then fucking her throat before taking turns on her pussy. They stretched her even further when they took turns fucking her ass and when she squealed they gave her a ass spanking she won’t forget. They held her down then to come over her face, this cock swallow scene can be found at Facial Abuse.

Audrianna Angel Cock Gagging

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Audrianna Angel is a stunning American Indian beauty. Even though this was her first extreme sex scene she seemed very excited at the thought and even asked to be face fucked hard. They took turns fucking her face while the other slapped her tits and pinched her nipples if she didn’t swallow cock deep enough.

On her back with her head hanging down she was made to choke on cock until she had balls resting on her nose. She goes on top then and has a hand on the back of her head to push her down. She is face fucked hard until she has fluids come from her mouth and nose.

She gets balls deep before they lay her down to fuck her pussy while slapping her face and spitting on her. She is fucked hard using his full length making her cry so she had a hand put over her mouth to keep the noise down. She is made to ride him then and held still to take it all. On her knees she is still moaning as they cover her face in cum. You can see Audrianna’ first extreme sex scene at Facial Abuse.

Iridal Begs To Be Throat Fucked.

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Iridal and her ex used to enjoy swingers parties so she was used to being used by other men so when she heard about Facial Abuse she rushed over to ask for a scene. For someones first ever porn scene she really didn’t hold back even when she was choking on cock. They made her swallow cock balls deep and to suck their balls then got her to lie down so they could fuck her throat and feel their balls bounce off her nose. She was ass fucked and pussy fucked and just kept asking for more. Eventually the guys could last no longer and sat her down to take cum on her face. She even sent them a card saying thanks soon after, this is one true throat fucked whore.